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Hunting Packages

  • Tailor Made Adventures
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  • Plains Game Adventure
    Includes hunter's choice of five or seven animals
    Hunters may only harvest one of each selected species.
    Huntable Species Available: Kudu (Up to 50"), Zebra, Blue Wildebeest, Impala, Blesbok, Bushpig, Warthog, Baboon, Ostrich, Steenbuck, Duiker

    Price On Request (5 Animals)

    Price On Request (7 Animals)

    Download 2023 SA Price List
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    Up to 50”
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    Blue Wildebeest
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  • Cape Buffalo and African Lion
    Includes Buffalo up to 38" and mature Lion or Lioness

    Price on Request

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    Cape Buffalo
    Up to 38”
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    Mature male
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    Mature female
  • Springbok Slam
    Only 6 available annually
    Includes one each Springbok: Common, Black, White and Copper

    Price On Request (1 Hunter)

    250 (Observer Fees/Night)

    Download 2023 SA Price List
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    Springbuck (White)
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    Springbuck (Copper)
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    Springbuck (Black)
  • Beasts of Limpopo
    Includes one each : Black Wildebeest, Tsessebe and Red Hartebeest

    Price On Request

    Download 2023 SA Price List
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    Black Wildebeest
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    Red Hartebeest
  • Spiral Horn Slam
    Includes three extra hunting days to make this a 10 day hunt

    Bronze level Nyala and Kudu, Cape Eland and Bushbuck - Price On Request

    Silver level Nyala and Kudu, Cape Eland and Bushbuck - Price On Request

    Gold level Nyala and Kudu, Cape Eland and Bushbuck - Price On Request

    Download 2023 SA Price List
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    Up to 25"
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    Up to 50”
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  • African Nightstalkers
    Cats: Genet, Serval, Civet, Caracal, Wild Cat, Honey Badger
    Stalkers: Porcupine, Jackal, Bushpig

    Gold Package - Price On Request

    Hunter's choice of 3 Cats via permit and 2 Stalkers

    Platinum Package - Price On Request

    Permits for all Cats and 2 Stalkers
    Includes three extra hunting days.
    Must be done prior to April 30th of any given year.
    Download 2023 SA Price List
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    African Wild Cat
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    Honey Badger
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Terms and Conditions

Prices are subject to change without notice.
Placing a deposit is the only guaranteed way to secure your package at the current-listed price.
Packages all have a degree of limited availability. Much like price, the only way to secure your package is by placing a 50% deposit within 120 days of the booked hunt date.
Packages will be booked first come-first serve via receipt of 50% deposit of total package price.
Prices are based on representative trophies per the Professional Hunter.
Should a larger trophy be desired in the case of our tier-priced animals, larger trophies may be harvested for an additional fee.
Packages are per person and are not sharable.
If a specific animal in a package is not hunted because it was not found, we refer back to the original price list for the remainder of the animals.
If a client opts to not shoot at a animal in the package waiting for a possible bigger trophy and ends up not getting that particular species, it is counted as a harvest and the package price will still be payable.

Deposit Policy and Schedule

It is the policy of NB Safaris to collect a booking deposit of $1000 per hunter at the time of booking to secure the hunting dates requested by the client. This deposit is applicable to any trophy fees accumulated with NB Safaris during the course of the client’s safari. This deposit can be added to at any time during the period up to the safari, with 100% of the deposit remaining as credit for the client.
Exceptions to the $1000 rule are when booking a package or handwritten special deal. To lock these opportunities in, a 50% deposit is required at least six months prior to the date of the hunt unless otherwise stated by NB Safaris.

Standard Deposit Policy

Contract between the client/outfitter regarding the commitment to dates on the calendar, payable in advance. Deposit carries forward to any additional hunting the party will do while on safari and gets subtracted from the final invoice at the conclusion of the trip.  Any unused funds are returnable to the client at that time.

11 Months or more from date of hunt - 75% of Deposit is refundable
6-11 Months from date of hunt - 25% of Deposit is refundable
On request of the client due to circumstances beyond his control - Rescheduling can be done before 6 months, with no refund
Within 6 months from date of hunt - Deposit is forfeited, no refunds available within 6 months
Rescheduling : situations beyond the control of the outfitter/client - Situations beyond the control of the outfitter and client simultaneously. The full deposit will be retained and applied to the rescheduled Safari.
Sightsee Deposits are Non-Refundable! We book your trip as soon as we receive funds.
Excursion Deposit - On acceptance of the quotation a 50% deposit is payable as soon as possible. The balance is payable before the commencement date of the Excursion or as stipulated in quote. Excursion deposits are not refundable. Excursions are not transferable.
We understand life can happen and things come up, that is why we at NB Safaris always suggest trip insurance through your travel agency to protect not only your airfare, but your deposit in the event that something like this does come up and clients have to reschedule their hunting dates with us.


Air travel before or after the contracted safari package period not already included in the package
Trophy fees for any animal not included in the package, killed or wounded
Air charters outside of the package or contracted period of the safari
Hired Rifles/Ammo
Gratuities to the Professional Hunter and other staff
Taxidermy services
Preparation, packing, documentation, and export of trophies from South Africa

Big Five - South Africa

Hint: Hover/touch image to reveal specie and price

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Cape Buffalo
Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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Price On Request
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